Recorded Lecture: Obtaining Operational Approvals of RPAS Operations utilised by NATO by Jamie Sayer

Originally presented on Tuesday 15th March 2022 to the RAeS Boscombe Down Branch.

The NATO Applied Vehicle Technology Working Group 278 (AVT-278) was formed of a technical group of UAS (‘drone’) SMEs, who’s task was a three year technological activity to:

• Analyse the impact of risk based approach on RPAS operations in the military and civilian world;
• Analyse countries individual approaches to military RPAS approvals;
• Make recommendations for harmonisation of the approval of NATO RPAS operations.

This work was completed in 2019 and had potential ramifications for the pursuit of civil RPAS (‘drone’) approvals. Jamie Sayer took this work and applied it to the new EASA Regulations 945 and 947. It became clear that, as the NATO work was based upon good manned aviation principles, the ‘9 Considerations’ formed a good basis for which to achieve drone compliance in accordance with EASA 945 & 947 and were therefore good principles for global drone approvals. In this brief, Jamie explains why the AVT-278 ‘9 Considerations’ are critical for safe and airworthy drone design, production and operations – and demonstrates how they fully meet the EASA regulations.

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