Due to a recent increase in the threat level for defence establishments in the UK, the Boscombe Down Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society is making some changes to our security procedures. Members should not be overly concerned; the threat is not specific to any one site and our lecture programme will continue as advertised.

However, all regular attendees at lectures are now required to fill in a baseline security clearance application in order to gain a hard pass to access to the Boscombe Down site.  If you are a QinetiQ employee, or already have regular visitor access, this process does not apply to you.

If you wish to attend a lecture on a one-off basis, you do not need to fill in this form. However, you will need to declare your intention to attend lectures in advance.  You should do this by contacting the Member’s Secretary on the email below.  This also applies to regular lecture attendees – until you have your hard pass, you still need to inform us of you intention to attend.  Once you have received your hard pass, you do not need to declare your intention to attend.


A baseline security application form can be obtained by contacting our Members Secretary (  Along with the completed form, you are required to present 2 forms of identification, which will be photocopied and certified by a member of the committee.  These can take the form of:

2 pieces of photographic ID (e.g. your driving license AND passport)


1 piece of photographic ID (e.g. your driving license OR passport) AND two recent utility bills bearing your name and current address


Please note if you are intending to present your photo-card driving license as a form of ID, you are also required to present the paper counterpart (if your license was issued before 2015).  Without both pieces, we cannot process your application and you will not be able to gain access to the site.

For members with the old driving license that has no photo-card, we request you to bring two recent utility bills instead AND 1 piece of photographic ID (e.g. passport)


Please note that your pass has an expiry date.  You will need to complete a form to renew your pass. Please contact the Membership Secretary for more information on how to do this.

If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact our Members Secretary:

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however this process is essential to maintain the long term safety and security for all those who work and visit Boscombe Down.

Tips for completing the form

  1. Part C of the form requires you to submit the details of someone to act as your character reference.  This person should have  known you in a personal capacity for at least 3 years.  This could be a neighbour, a personal friend, or a fellow member of the Royal Aeronautical Society branch, for example.  It is no longer acceptable for your character referee to be your doctor or lawyer, and it cannot be someone you are related to.  Your referee must complete the section of the form asking for their email address;  without this, your application cannot be processed.
  2. Part C also requires the contact details of your employers in the last 3 years.  Similarly, you must complete their email address; the application cannot be processed without it.  If you have been unemployed or retired for the past 3 years, you should submit a record of your location and travel history (e.g. if you have travelled abroad, or moved home, for example)
  3.  In Part E, you should complete both the ‘Declaration’ and ‘Further Declaration’ sections.