40 Years of the Hawker Siddeley Hawk by Gordon McClymont

A presentation by Gordon McClymont – released September 16, 2014

Gordon learned to fly on open-cockpit gliders at sixteen before learning to fly powered aeroplanes with a University Air Squadron. He completed RAF flying training in 1981 on the Hawk and was operational on the Jaguar and Tornado aircraft. Upon graduation from ETPS in 1987, Gordon was posted to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Bedford. In 1990-93 he was an exchange test pilot flying the F-15 Eagle with the US Air Force. On returning to the UK he completed his last tour in the RAF as a tutor at ETPS. Gordon joined industry at British Aerospace as the Project Pilot Hawk, but also flew many of the company products in the 14 years he was in Lancashire. In 2013, Gordon re-joined ETPS as a FW tutor.

Gordon has 6,500 flight hours on over 180 different types and is type qualified on over 80 aircraft.

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