The Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment (MAEE) by Tim Mason

A presentation by Tim Mason – released December 13, 2011

Tim Mason joined the Royal Air Force in 1955 and after pilot training in Canada he spent 6 years in Bomber Command on Canberras and Vulcans. He graduated from the 1965 ETPS course to join B Squadron here at Boscombe Down. Duty with Air Cadets and in Munich led back to Boscombe, the MoD and Farnborough. He left the RAF to join Marshall of Cambridge to help with Tristar tanker and other test flying. On retirement in 1994 he turned to historical writing – an interest which started in 1960 and has led to 7 books plus contributions to 3 others. His latest book on MAEE forms the basis of this lecture.

The Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment was, from 1920, the seaplane equivalent of AAEE, late of Boscombe Down. The lecture highlights some of the unique factors that influence flight operations from water, briefly outlines the organisation, and gives examples of MAEE’s achievements and some of its disasters. Also described are wartime armament work and the reducing requirements for seaplanes which led to the Establishment’s demise in 1956. The illustrations, which form a major part of the presentation, are mainly the official photographs taken for the reports which fortunately still exist today.

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