The Prestigious Templer Lecture

On the 14th February our President, Roger H Beazley represented the Branch by attending the prestigious Templer Lecture at Farnborough on the 14 February 2017. The Templer is the annual “named lecture” organized by the Farnborough Branch of the RAeS in memory of Colonel James Templer who during 1904 > 1906 commanded the Army School of Ballooning at Aldershot and relocated the School to Farnborough, a more suitable site for the work then underway.

This year’s 20th Templer Lecture was entitled “Drone Technology:  the next revolution in Civil Aviation” and was delivered by speaker Lambert Dopping-Hepenstal who has held a number of senior posts in BAE Systems including director of ASTRAEA, the programme which addressed the challenging technical, operational and regulatory issues involved in the introduction of civil unmanned aircraft into UK airspace.

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