Aerochallenge 2017


On Wednesday 15th February, a QinetiQ team of 4; 2 ex-graduates and 2 apprentices took part in the annual Royal Aeronautical Society Young Members ‘AeroChallenge’ at No.4 Hamilton Place in London. This event is a fun networking event hosted annually for young Aerospace students/professionals and also counts towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD )and achieving Chartership. Teams take part in a pub quiz style event surrounding a range of Aerospace topics including; British Aerospace Industry, Airlines and Operations, Aerodynamics, Current Affairs, Aircraft Recognition, The Royal Aeronautical Society and Space

The team members were: Jamie Pattision (Captain), Chris Johnson, Ryan Potter and Tim Livermore.

We started the competition well, as we confidently answered questions about Airlines and Operations, Unmanned Aircraft and the first of two Aerodynamic segments. By the half-way point we were in a strong second place, two points behind Team Rolls Royce!

After lunch, the second session began with the latter of the Aerodynamic rounds, followed by a round on historic figures in Aviation history and the history of the Royal Aeronautical Society. At this point, we were confident that we still held a strong pole position – that was until the Space related round reared its head and dashed our hopes. All teams struggled to answer many of these questions, with even the presenter of the quiz unable to provide an answer without the aid of his notes.

By the end, we were unsure if we had managed to maintain our lead, but after speaking with many of the other teams who struggled with the last round, we were confident that we would be at least in the top 3 teams. With the results tallied, we had managed to achieve 3rd place position with a total of 70 points and it transpired that 4th position was a colossal 30 points behind.  Imperial College London managed 72 points and then first place was Rolls Royce with 78 points.

Overall it was a very enjoyable day and we were happy with our strong 3rd place position.


Mr Christopher Johnson


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