The story of hundreds of women, girls, and a handful of men who build Spitfires in secret during WW2

The RAeS Boscombe Down Branch invites you to attend an exclusive screening of the new documentary film “The Secret Spitfires of Salisbury”. The film tells the forgotten story of how thousands of planes were built in factories hidden in sheds, garages and back gardens during the Second World War. Eyewitnesses recount times of terrible sadness as well as joyous ones that include the arrival of GIs, a Glenn Miller concert and a Joe Louis boxing match. The film features local historian and Boscombe Down archivist Norman Parker as the central character.

The screening will be held at 1700 for 1715 start on Tuesday 31st January 2017, in the Lecture Hall at MOD Boscombe Down – we hope you’ll join us!



  1. My mother and I would like to attend the Screening of the Secret Spitfires film on Tuesday as she worked in the spitfire factory in Trowbridge during the war.
    Could you please give me directions from Salisbury and any other details please.
    thank you
    Brenda and Betty

  2. Hi Brenda and Betty,
    I have emailed you to try and get your attendance to the screening sorted. Please check your inbox so we can help you with this. May I also point you (and anyone else who happens to read this comment and wants to attend any of our lectures) to the ‘Security Procedures’ page in the above menu to read through some important information about attending our lectures.
    I look forward to hopefully seeing you tomorrow!

  3. Excellent presentation by all envoled, enjoyed by the audience. Hope you can get Salisbury Council interested in an initial Screening!

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